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Condom fool around with and you may effects

In spite of the reasonable intercourse rates, i discovered that the practice of secure intercourse (given that indicated by condom have fun with rate) was not frequent among kids inside Taiwan when compared with analysis obtained from Western21–23 and you can The southern part of Parts of asia.15 Within research, simply a quarter from sexually knowledgeable participants had used a condom for once intercourse (male: %, female: %), which was approximately half of them exactly who utilized condoms at first gender (male: %, female: %). In contrast, when you look at the Western nations for instance the Us, the latest condom have fun with prices at first intercourse among kids (years 15–17 many years) try as much as 77% (male) and you may 74.6% (female)twenty two plus the pricing for once intercourse (years thirteen–19 age) is actually 61% (male) and you may 47% (female).21 During the a study of all over the country surveys held into the 33 places away from 2013 to help you 2014, create Western regions, such as for example Great britain, Denmark, Finland, France, The country of spain and you will Switzerland, was indeed discover in order to routinely have a condom explore rate more than 40% for a change sex among kids old 14–16 ages.23 Furthermore, places participating in this new GSHS in the The southern part of Western and you will Western Pacific regions tend to have a top condom play with rates (at last sex) compared to price (%) i acquired.15 Including, the brand new condom low-fool around with pricing at last intercourse one of GSHS members old 12–15 years from inside the Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and you may Malaysia had been projected becoming 52.6% (2015), 58.7% (2014), 33.8% (2015), 56.2% (2013), 46.7% (2015) and you will 66.8% (2012), correspondingly.fifteen In australia, even with getting culturally Western but geographically proximal in order to The southern part of Asia, the newest rates away from condom use was basically much more more than all of our prices (In australia, the newest condom use pricing were 78.1% (male) and you can 77.5% (female) initially gender, and you will 65.1% (male) and you can 56.8% (female) for a change gender).18 The bottom line is, these comparisons reveal that Taiwanese adolescents’ condom use (both to start with and you may history intercourse) is not as prevalent like in Western set up nations or any other places engaging in the new GSHS.

Whilst the accessibility birth control is covered for the Taiwan gender education, the significance of safe sex and you can correct the means to access condom is actually not emphasised, and you may abstinence-just sex degree continues to be the conventional out of sex education in the Taiwan.twenty-four twenty-five Actually, condom vending servers and you can free condom courses commonly found in highest colleges into the Taiwan. That is probably since the delivering condom vending machines for students might feel mistakenly recognized as guaranteeing children to possess sex. These explanations could have triggered the fresh new relative low rate out of condom fool around with among kids during the Taiwan in comparison with the costs for the West and you will GSHS-participating regions.

All over college versions, the newest condom have fun with price initially and you will past intercourse ranged much more

Including cross-nation contrasting, i investigated just how college or university variety of and also the students’ gender was basically relevant towards the condom have fun with speed. Notably, night colleges had the high intercourse rate and also the 2nd low condom have fun with price at both basic and past gender. Additionally, despite having a reduced intercourse rate, intimately knowledgeable junior students had been at least browsing explore condoms in the beginning and you can last sex. All of our multivariate research plus showed that teenagers who started intercourse in the a younger years tended not to ever explore condom. In fact, i learned that decades initially sex encountered the strongest association having condom have fun with at first and you may last gender. So it features the latest immediate need to instil a genuine understanding of safe sex if you’re kids will still be within formative years, especially in junior highest universities.

Our studies as well as indicated that brand new students’ sex did not look so you can dictate the latest condom play with rate at first and history gender. It’s been presumed you to gender equality plays a significant character during the condom fool around with.23 All of our study suggests that all over every school systems and grades, female and male adolescents in Taiwan is actually out-of equal updates during the regards to condom play with behavior, compared to studies used someplace else.twenty-six