Matchmaking anywhere between diet salt, potassium, and calcium, anthropometric indexes, and hypertension inside more youthful and you can middle-aged Korean adults


Epidemiological evidence of the results out-of fat reduction salt, calcium supplements, and potassium, and anthropometric spiders on blood pressure levels remains contradictory. To analyze the partnership between fat reduction activities otherwise anthropometric indexes and blood circulation pressure risk, we checked-out this new organization from systolic and you can diastolic blood pressure levels (SBP and DBP) having salt, calcium, and you will potassium consumption and anthropometric indexes inside the 19

49-year-olds using data from Korean Federal Health and Diet Examination Survey (KNHANES) III. Complete of 2,761 younger and you can middle-aged people (574 old 19

44 many years) were chosen regarding KNHANES III. General recommendations, health position, and you can anthropometric studies were opposed between two age groups (19

forty two yrs old). The significance off blood circulation pressure and you may chance points such as for example decades, gender, bmi (BMI), pounds, waist circumference, while the intakes out-of salt, potassium, and you may calcium supplements try determined by multiple regression study. Numerous regression designs revealed that sides width, weight, and you will Bmi was indeed surely in the SBP and you will DBP in both age groups. Sodium and potassium intakes just weren’t on the either SBP otherwise DBP. One of 29

49-year-olds, calcium supplements are inversely of this one another SBP and you can DBP (P = 0.012 and 0.010, respectively). All of our findings recommend that guaranteeing calcium usage and you will lbs handle could possibly get play an important role however avoidance and you will handling of blood pressure in early adulthood.


Increased blood circulation pressure is actually a primary factor in shots, cardiac arrest, and you may cardio incapacity . Blood pressure level is an emergent risk factor that reasons more million untimely deaths a year globally, and it is getting more prevalent into the developing nations [2,3]. Whilst the prevalence rates off blood pressure inside the Korean people try , more than 45% of these have been sixty years old and you will elderly suffered with blood pressure level [4-7]. Recently, the treatment rates those types of over age sixty is risen up to significantly more than 64%. The people lower than age forty-two, not, got a medicines rate out-of less than 37% in 2007 . That it treatment rates is approximately 50% lower than the rate about old class. It is very important to examine the partnership anywhere between risk things and you may blood pressure level in those grownups who will be lower than 49 yrs . old to avoid and you may carry out blood pressure levels within their after life.

Control prices for blood pressure levels try worst and only 38.3% away from detected cases of blood pressure try controlled into the Korea . Fit life-style involving physical working out, eating plan, weight loss, and you will modest alcoholic drinks play with are essential toward reduction and manage of blood pressure level . A rise in body weight or Body mass index raised the chance of blood pressure levels from the step 1.six to 1.8 moments from inside the Norway . People having a beneficial Bmi away from 24 kg/yards a couple of demonstrated a rise in one another systolic blood tension (SBP) and you may diastolic blood circulation pressure (DBP) . Healing methods that focus on diet plan seem to be encouraging because the metabolic studies and epidemiological data show that several diet try inversely on the blood pressure. A past browse signifies that increasing the consumption of potassium and you may calcium could possibly get clean out blood pressure level, and other minerals also are pertaining to blood pressure levels . Sodium consumption is considered to be a factor that grows bloodstream pressure [12-14], when you find yourself calcium supplements consumption can get eradicate blood pressure levels [15-17]. Research has shown your supply of such diet (like milk products) is relevant to their affect blood circulation pressure . Additionally, a recent study out of Federal Health and Nutrients Test Survey (NHANES) III analysis plus indicated that sufferers about large quartile from salt consumption had been prone to provides increased DBP .

Within the 2007, the latest sodium intake on the Korean population try 5,260.dos mg/time , that is not simply dos.five times higher than the recommended intake peak for salt having Koreans , in addition to surpassing the first risk grounds level of step 3,500 milligrams/big date that was advised of the Geleijnse ainsi que al. . Also, calcium supplements intake is actually 552.4 milligrams/go out, that was below the new 800 mg/go out initial chance grounds height proposed by the Geleijnse ainsi que al. . Such mineral consumption, and additionally anthropometric spiders, could possibly get adversely affect blood pressure level inside Korean inhabitants. not, there had been few knowledge you to definitely target the relationship ranging from weight-loss situations (salt, potassium, calcium supplements, etc) otherwise anthropometric details and you will blood pressure exposure into the studies throughout the Korean Federal Health and Nourishment Examination Questionnaire (KNHANES).